Consejos prácticos para su hogar

By Louise Walsh

Word spreads on grapevine of shop making wine for 4

By Louise Walsh

A Belgian man was so shocked at the price of wine in Ireland that he opened up Europe first craft wine making shop in Co Meath which offers cheap wine with no hangover.

Luc Heymans has been inundated with engaged couples who are saving thousands of euro in their wedding budget by cheap jerseys making their own wine in store for just a bottle.

He said: I lived in Europe, I used to enjoy a glass of wine with my dinner, but when I moved to Ireland I couldn believe the price of a bottle of wine.

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Work at Home Internet Business

Be Cheap And Still Make Money

Years ago the average person could not afford to own their work at home internet business. An 18 year old with $100 to spear cheap jerseys can become an owner of an internet business. Here are some ways you can start your work at home internet business on a tiny budget.

1. If you have your computer then you can work from the comfort of your own home. But if not then, see if you can work from a library or internet caf You don’t need to spend 10 hours on the computer to make your business successful. If you can get to a computer for even 2 hours a day you can create the foundation to a successful business.

2. Search on search engines for work at home internet businesses that cost less than $90 to start. The average work at home business on the internet costs about $48 to get started. This is far less than any franchise. What’s even better are the hundreds of businesses that you can start for free. If you have absolutely no money to invest into the initial start up of your business, here are some ways you can get started for zero down.

a) Affiliate Marketing: Most affiliate programs are free to join. Once you sign up you get your own affiliate code that you can use to promote the products. This is how many people get started for nothing because it offers a way to earn a large income with demanding a large chunk of change to start.

b) Blogging: Blogging is another popular work at home internet business. People blog about anything and everything and turn their traffic into cash, by loading their blog with Adsense advertisements and affiliate links. While some blogs do cost money to set up, many websites let you set up one for free.

c) Virtual Assistance: Armed with nothing more than an email address, virtual assistances help web masters with tasks they need completed. It’s an internet business that is growing in popularity and demand as more businesses outsource. You don’t really need anything more than an email address to get jobs and you can advertise your services on free virtual classified ad boards.

3. Starting a work at home internet business requires that you get educated in running an online home business. But you don’t have to spend a fortune to do this. There are free and inexpensive ebooks and web videos that will teach you what you need to know.

4. Owning a website has become the root of working from home. Though it is not absolutely crucial to your success, it does make things easier and increases your profit potential by at least half. Web hosting can cost anywhere from $5 dollars a month to $250 a month. With webhosting you do get what you pay for, but you don’t have to pay more than $50 a month to get a good web hosting account. For just $35 you get an account that is affordable without compromising on quality.

Another thing you have to consider is whether or not you can build your website on your own. If you are willing to learn there are many templates, e courses and helpful tips to help you build your own website. But if you want to start making money right away then consider what it would cost to get one done for you.

Without spending too much money you can start a work at home internet business. Consider the tips above when looking for budget friendly options for your internet business.

Word on the Street

Here’s an event that accomplishes two things getting some culture in your life, and not having to spend big bucks doing it. The free weekly event explores the rich landscape of classical music. So if you don’t know you’re Mozart cheap jerseys from your Brahms, this is the place for you.If classical music isn’t your thing, head over the Old Town School of Folk Music for World Music Wednesdays. The free weekly series is a presentation of music and dance inspired by the cultures of Africa, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Americas. It kicks off every Wednesday at 8:30, and most of the events are free.: Sox Opening DayCheck out some free, cheap and reasonably events going on around town.(Published Tuesday, July 28, 2009)Contemporary pizzeria La Madia is ringing in spring with a series of cooking classes and wine tastings. Every third Saturday of the month you can learn clasic and contemporary methods of preparing Italian food. Each class has a differnt theme, so if you’re interested in learning how to make pizza, or how to pair wine with the right cheese, then this class is for you.

Work out on the cheap

These days, it seems wallets are the one thing guaranteed to stay slim.

More people than ever are second guessing the costs associated with personal trainers, gym memberships and fancy workout equipment. Some people are cutting back, or cutting exercise out completely.

But tightening your budget doesn’t mean you have to go flabby. A bevy of free and inexpensive alternatives are available if you get creative. Even those who make a living teaching fitness say there’s a big plus to incorporating frugal options into your fitness regimen. The just released book focuses on using nature and urban settings from mailboxes to park benches as your gym.

There are some do’s and don’ts about working out for free. First, know your surroundings and your fitness abilities. Scope out local parks for usable equipment. Consider a conversation with your doctor, or invest in a book or a trainer session to determine the type of workouts for you.

“The most important thing is that you know the right way to do it,” says Rebecca Piatt, a group exercise and personal trainer at MAC at First Baptist Church in Brandon. A workout partner is a good way to stay safe, too, she says.

Aim for working out three times a week, with a focus on getting cheap jerseys 30 minutes of cardio exercise each time, Piatt says. But don’t push past 45 to 50 minutes of continuous cardio exercise. Workouts should always include warm ups and cool downs, Vindum says.

Need some clues? Here are some ideas to get you started:

Pricey option: Dumbbells ($50 to $600 at local sporting goods stores). These staples of strength training can weigh heavy on your budget but are critical to toning arms, shoulders and core strength.

Frugal alternative: Homemade free weights (free). Take empty 20 ounce water bottles and gallon milk jugs and fill with sand. Though a bit awkward to handle, using gallon jugs can boost lunges, triceps curls and presses. The smaller weights are perfect for bicep curls or as extra weight during a walk. Canned veggies work well, too.

Pricey option: Circuit training (Monthly gym membership training, or home machine costing up to $2,000). Gyms provide top of the line equipment and trainers to help you maximize your workout.

Frugal alternative: Fitness trails and playgrounds (free). Some local parks, such as Tampa’s Bayshore and Rowlett Parks, include fitness stations that offer the equipment and instructions for a legitimate workout. Local stations include: Tampa’s Bayshore and Rowlett Parks and J. C. Handly, Lettuce Lake, Lake Park and Alderman’s Ford in Hillsborough County. Playground equipment also can double as a place to do lunges, pull ups and planks, Piatt says. She and her kids regularly create a playground race; they run up slides, jump and run around the homemade obstacle course.

Pricey option: Elliptical machine ($399 to $1,699 at local sporting goods stores). These climbers offer an awesome cardio workout while defining and working out the legs and bothersome backside.

Frugal alternative: Take on the stairs (free). Find a stairwell and run up a flight at top speed. Run up and down, alternating interval bursts and slower walking. The stairs are far harder on your knees than an elliptical, and won’t target muscles as effectively, Piatt says.

Pricey option: Treadmill ($599 to more than $2,000 at local sporting goods stores). Rain or shine, you can walk or run.

Frugal alternative: Hit the pavement (free). “It’s the silliest thing to be on a treadmill like a hamster,” Vindum says of the indoor alternative to a brisk walk or run. Also, being outdoors offers a mental boost. “It’s never dull,” she says. “Going on a trail or the beach every day is different.”

Cheap shots

Still want to use equipment for your frugal workout? There are some great ways to make the most of your money. Also, if you have a medical condition that requires exercise, check to see whether your health insurance can help pay.

Go to the library: This free alternative lets you check out an exercise book or DVD before deciding to buy.

Make a one time buy. A lot of products are out there, from books and DVDs to kettle balls and Wii Fit.

Share with friends: Got a book club? Why not agree to buy workout DVDs and swap each month to avoid boredom.

things to

things to buy in July

NEW YORK In addition to 4th of July sales, July promises to offer a whole month worth of savings. Whether you redecorating your home or looking for cheap summer entertainment, there are a number of items that go on sale this month.

we typically advise against buying clothes that are in season, July tends to be one of the best months for swimwear deals, said Benjamin K. Glaser, features editor at DealNews. can expect discounts to range from 25 to 80 percent off and starting prices as low as $5 for children swimwear and $9 for men and women swimwear. Furniture

New furniture hits showroom floors a few times a year, and during the summer that time is August. July will be when retailers are rushing to move older stock out so they can bring in new pieces. In fact, you can expect to spend 10 percent to 50 percent less when purchasing furniture during this month. Outdoor furniture is usually the most heavily discounted, as there won be much demand once fall arrives.

Not only is July 8 Video Games Day, you can find many discounted video games throughout the whole month of July if you know where to look. The annual Steam Summer Sale begins in late June, but continues into July, allowing you to score big name titles for big discounts. You can find games like Call of Duty for 50 percent off or Skyrim and Portal for up to 80 percent off.

And don forget to check out used games either: Many new games are released in the fall and winter, just in time for the holidays. Then, early adopters will buy them new, play them for a few months and sell them to used game stores who sell them for cheap. This is your chance to get like new games for great prices.

If you an Amazon Prime member, you in luck. Just as they did last year, Amazon will feature Amazon Prime Day 2016 this year on July 12. Last year, the sales from Amazon Prime Day rivaled that of Amazon Black Friday deals, so they promised to make it an annual event. There will be over 100,000 deals on Prime Day, with new ones popping up every five minutes. So, if you a Prime member you bound to score some great discounts.

Although swimwear is discounted the most in July, it probably best to wait to buy other summer apparel. July is also time to start thinking about when you should or shouldn buy the kids new school supplies. Here are some things to avoid purchasing this July.

1. Summer clothes and sunglasses

Summer apparel will be heavily discounted during July 4th sales, according to Glaser. However, it could be worth your while to wait until August or September cheap jerseys for sunglasses when the discounts get even better. Near the end of summer is when retail stores clearance out the majority of their seasonal gear, so you find the biggest discounts on everything from to sandals. Waiting until August allows you to gear up for next year without spending much.

Summer might not be the time to be thinking about school, but you have to prepare the kids for next year before you know it. Waiting until August to do your back to school shopping will save you the most money. Although it might seem like you cutting it close, if you can wait until a week before school begins, you find the best deals.

is not the best time to buy a grill, said Glaser. will probably be some deals over the holiday weekend, but these prices will drop further in August. That when you can find discounts that take up to 50 percent off your favorite name brand grills. If you can, make [do] with your current grill and upgrade at the end of the season. you can wait, however, some 4th of July deals can still be pretty good, allowing you to still use the grill through the remainder of the summer. You just won get the deepest discounts in July.

Whether you taking advantage of some great July 4th sales or prepping the kids for school, don forget to avoid the high prices. Stick to buying items when they the cheapest to make your summer worth it.

Thieves Targeting

Thieves Targeting Duck Decoys

It takes a lot of patience and a lot of money to go hunting these days. The money part is why thieves are stalking an expensive and unusual prey.

Ted Green can’t use cheap decoys to lure in real game birds. “Right there is $90.” Lately his decoys have attracted fly by night thieves who’ve cut into his flock. “They took them off the shelves like a supermarket.”

The decoys cost at least $30 each and five dozen have been stolen from storage lockers on Ted’s hunting land along the Platte River near Yutan. “It’s close to a thousand dollars worth of decoys that takes about 25 years to build up.”

Game and Parks officers and sheriff’s investigators report about a thousand decoys worth more than $30,000 have been stolen in four counties in the past year.

“That’s one avenue we’ve been chasing too, checking Craigslist to see if some legit and if cheap,” said Saunders County Deputy Steve Malina.

If recovered, investigators look for marks that might identify the decoy owners. Most hunters mark their decoys with name or cheap jerseys initials in ink or paint, but investigators working these thefts say that’s not enough.

“If they can mark them that it’s permanent, can’t be painted over,” said Nebraska Game Parks Officer Mike Luben. “I’ll tell guys use a wood burner, a little wood burner and burn into the plastic.”

Green is hanging several wildlife cameras around his land. The motion activated devices cost him about $200 each. “Poor man’s security system.” He hopes to get a shot that will bring down the decoy thieves and make them jail birds.

The Saunders County Sheriff’s Department says a reward of up to $1,000 is being offered for information that leads to an arrest. The number to call in Seward is 402 443 8181.

Laying low on Lamu

I am running late. Ethiopian Airlines flight ET801 from Addis Ababa to Nairobi went from “delayed” to evaporation. I miss a vital connection. Now, barring further screw ups, I will have a mere 30 minutes to make it from the airport to the wedding.

In a moment of madness I accepted an invitation to my nephew’s wedding. It is to be held on an unnamed beach near remote Lamu Island off Kenya’s northeast coast. My sister has rented a mansion with no street address or phone number. When the groom’s cell phone falls into a swimming pool, all means of communication are lost. I am on my own.

I anxiously search the Air Kenya 12 seater Cessna Caravan for a stray wedding guest and spot a stressed young woman, whiteknuckling a silk dress in a drycleaner’s bag. Things are looking up.

The plane drops down over a thin strip of the Indian Ocean before landing at tiny Manda Island airport Gateway to the Lamu Archipelago.

After a quick change in the washroom, I follow my new best friend and her husband to the dock into a waiting panga. Luckily a European wedding is a big deal here and we are soon barefooting it over a perfect white sand beach, in lockstep with the minister, onto makeshift pews.

The Lamu Archipelago, a collection of sandbar islands, has a history going back to the 14th century. Lamu town, Kenya’s oldest continuously populated community, provided a convenient port for Arab slave and spice traders. Ruling Portuguese, followed by Omanis, helped to expand local bloodlines. The population remains largely Muslim.

Hippies were the first tourists to be drawn to miles of pristine empty white sand beaches, the oh so warm azure sea and a cheap cool lifestyle, followed by backpackers.

Elitists came later A few of them anyway. A couple of miles along the beach in Shela village, some of the world’s rich and famous, such as Ralph Lauren, built stunning villas which are often available for rent when owners are absent. My sister has found one. The Greenwell House comes fully furnished and fully staffed including an armed guard. Spitting distance from the bride and groom’s temporary residence which belongs to Princess Caroline of Monaco.

“Who is Mary Greenwell?” I ask naively. Turns out she is the makeup artist who changes ordinary women into stars with a few strokes of the mascara brush. Think Kate Moss, Lady Di, Vogue Magazine, Harpers Bazaar, Vanity Fair. I reassess my wrinkles in the bathroom mirror.

It’s a simple life. “Do we want to dine in?” In which case Benny, the kindly chap who serves breakfast every morning, will shop for the cook. “Would lobster fit the bill?”

Laundry? No problem. It can be discreetly dealt with by William, who launders the sheets and towels on a daily basis. What’s an extra pair of Y fronts and a few T shirts? I awake to the muezzin’s morning call to prayer and a cacophony of braying donkeys outside my glassless lattice work window. After breakfast I take a few steps to the beach for a swim and return friendly cheap jerseys nods and “jambos” (hellos) to locals busy setting up fruit stalls and T shirt displays along the alleys.

There are no roads on the island. Goods and people are moved on donkeys There are reputedly 2,000 on an island of 25,000 people or in dhows (traditional locally built sail boats). Rich tourists can, of course, rent speedboats.

In 2001 UNESCO judged Lamu town, where most of the staff opt for cheaper digs, to be the best preserved Swahili settlement in East Africa and awarded it UNESCO World Heritage status.

I set out on the one hour walk along a narrow seaside path shared with donkey trains transporting sand, coral stone, cooking oil and people.

I share friendly “jambos” with women in burquas, men in colourful kikoys (sarongs) and cheeky schoolboys wearing purple uniforms and white kofias (Muslim caps).

The downtown waterfront is straight from biblical times. Porters wade out to beached dhows, and return with baskets of spices, bags of cement, mangrove logs all under the eagle eyes of a fierce lady in a black chador who keeps track with a pen and notepad.

Yellow containers of cooking oil are tightly arranged along the road like soldiers on parade. Donkeys and their owners line up in the shade waiting for a delivery job.

The commercial area is a block away from the seafront. Lanes are barely wide enough for two bicycles or two donkeys to pass. Behind the carved doors everything you need is available: from bananas to bandannas; silver to gold; hammers to fridges though the town generator has a less than stellar reputation.

Shop owners are generally found sitting or sleeping at huge paper filled wooden desks beside the door. A good spot to greet customers and to grab nonpayers.

The central square is the town’s focal point. A place to chill out with friends on a bench under the acacia tree. Political rallies are held here. The museum showcasing Swahili history is next door to the Internet caf. Try some fruit salad from a vendor whose cigarette ash looks ready to fall into the mix but mind the droppings left behind by wandering goats and donkeys.

To be fair Lamu town is more than a bit rundown. Garbage and open sewers don’t help but there is still a gritty African charm to the place. There is also a good supply of simple, reasonably priced guesthouses, hotels and restaurants.

It’s a good way from swimmable beaches and Chinese interests have plans for building a serious port here but the village of Shela is a dreamer’s paradise that you will never want to leave. After a couple of sundowners at Peponi Hotel’s congenial waterfront bar, favoured by the likes of Paul Allen, Jerry Hall and Sting, you will soon be planning your own dream wedding here.

If you go: Getting there: There are regular flights with Safari Link and Air Kenya from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport that land on Manda Island. A panga (small open boat) will ferry you to your chosen destination.

Le blogue sportif

Jouer dans la LNH est il un droit ou un privilge?

Mardi soir, avec un peu plus de cinq minutes couler la premire priode d’un match opposant les Flyers de Philadelphie aux Penguins de Pittsburgh, les fils se sont (encore) touchs dans la petite tte de Zac Rinaldo.

Au moment o le dfenseur Kristopher Letang, des Penguins, faisait face la bande et qu’il n’tait pas en possession de la rondelle, l’attaquant des Flyers de Philadelphie s’est lanc pleine vitesse et lui a assn une violente mise en chec. Pour maximiser l’impact de son attaque la hauteur de la tte, Rinaldo a saut juste avant d’atteindre Letang. Le Qubcois s’est aussitt croul sur la patinoire et a d quitter la rencontre.

Les consquences de ce geste idiot auraient pu et pourraient tre trs graves pour Letang, qui a dj subi des commotions crbrales dans le pass. rptition, les commotions peuvent prmaturment mettre fin une brillante carrire. Ou mme pire: long terme, elles sont susceptibles d’engendrer de graves maladies dgnratives.

Rinaldo a t convoqu pour comparatre en personne devant le prfet de discipline de la LNH, Stphane Quintal. Cela signifie qu’il copera au moins d’une suspension de cinq matchs.

L’attaquant des Flyers a dj t suspendu deux fois dans le pass (4 matchs en avril 2014 pour avoir servi un coup la tte d’un rival, et 2 matchs en fvrier 2012 pour un dangereux assaut sur Jonathan Ericsson, des Red Wings de Dtroit). Toujours en 2012, Rinaldo avait t mis l’amende pour avoir servi une mise en chec tardive (et dangereuse) un joueur des Devils du New Jersey.

Voici donc le portrait, comme on dit dans les vestiaires de la LNH, d’un artiste ducheap shot.

Vendredi dernier, Dan Carcillo, des Blackhawks de Chicago, a assn un violent double chec sur un bras de l’attaquant Mathieu Perreault, des Jets de Winnipeg.

Perreault ne se mfiait de rien, puisque l’un des officiels venait de siffler. Et la rondelle ne se trouvait mme pas proximit. Arrivant par derrire, Carcillo s’est assur de viser le milieu de l’humrus (l’os suprieur du bras), o les joueurs sont moins cheap jerseys protgs parce qu’il s’agit d’une dmarcation entre l’paulire et le protge coude.

En recevant ce violent coup de bton, assn deux mains, Perreault s’est croul sur la patinoire. On a cru qu’il venait de se faire casser le bras. L’attaquant qubcois, qui est en train de faire sa place dans la LNH, s’en est finalement tir sans fracture. Mais il n’a plus report les couleurs des Jets depuis cet incident. Il ne reviendra au jeu qu’aprs la pause du match des toiles.

Pour ce geste, Carcillo a reu une suspension de six matchs en plus d’tre priv d’un peu plus de 40000 $ en salaire. C’tait la 12efois vous avez bien lu qu’il tait suspendu ou mis l’amende par la LNH pour avoir bless des adversaires ou pour avoir pos des gestes qui auraient pu avoir de graves consquences.

Jouer dans la LNH est il un droit ou un privilge?

Pourquoi tolre t on que des athltes fabuleux, ayant trim extrmement dur et ayant peaufin leur talent toute leur vie, soient contraints de ctoyer cette racaille? Pourquoi les joueurs de la LNH devraient ils supporter la prsence de Zac Rinaldo, Dan Carcillo, Matt Cooke (qui a t suspendu six fois et qui a mis un terme la carrire de l’attaquant Marc Savard avec une vicieuse mise en chec la tte) et quelques autres chasseurs de ttes, qui cherchent constamment blesser leurs rivaux?

Le hockey est un sport extrmement rapide. Un accident fcheux est toujours susceptible de survenir. Mais que faire quand le mme individu blesse dlibrment quatre, six ou 12 autres athltes qui essaient tout simplement de gagner leur vie?

Outre l’escalade des suspensions, qui ne fonctionne visiblement pas pour des dlinquants comme Rinaldo, Carcillo et compagnie, ne devrait il pas y avoir une sorte de peine capitale quelque part? Ces rcidivistes, qui curent leurs pairs et le public, ne devraient ils pas, un certain moment, finir par tre exclus du hockey.

Le Grand Jeu Les Chefs

Plus jeune, Francis s la navigation et l en a C dans un voyage cheap jerseys avec Katimavik, o les membres du groupe devaient cuisiner en alternance, qu a r que c ce qu voulait faire dans la vie. Ce cuisinier exp a fait ses classes dans plusieurs restaurants gastronomiques tels que le Ch Bonne Entente, le Laurie Rapha et, pr le Restaurant L Francis, la cuisine est un monde de d qui permet de voyager tout en restant chez soi. Il est fascin par le feu et montre donc une aisance particuli et un r int pour les cuissons et les sauces. Calme et rigoureux, il croit que son exp pourra l dans la comp est convaincu que le travail d est le v secret de la r La mycologie l beaucoup, et cheap omega cheap replica watch replica watches uk reviews fake omega il avoue qu est possible de le rencontrer dans les parcs de la ville de Qu en en train de cueillir des champignons pour de nouvelles recettes. Avide de d et de nouvelles connaissances, il est heureux de pouvoir tester ses comp l Les chefs! La brigade. Il r de poss un jour son propre restaurant, qu voudrait ouvrir avec son fr sommelier.

Le Journal de Qu

Dimanche, ya la f des m qui va battre son plein dans tous les restaurants qui offrent le brunch du dimanche au Qu

Nombreux sont ceux qui d la tradition, d’autres croient qu’on devrait plut songer en faire un cong f pendant lequel le mari parfait nous emp de faire quelque t dans la maisonn charge mentale incluse.

En attendant que arrive, ma ch tu vas rester les deux pieds bien ancr dans la r Tu vas quand m avoir une couple de couches changer, pis si se trouve, les enfants voudront pas faire la sieste. Ils vont s’ parce que c’est une journ sp pis qu’ils vont enfin pouvoir te donner leur bricolage en b de popsicle.

va finir en apoth de la d familiale, pis tu vas te dire, peut que sert rien c’te f sinon faire rouler le stock de fleurs cheap aux caisses de l’

Je vais t’apprendre une petite chose, mon amie.

En fait non, je vais te dire ce que tu voudrais te faire dire. Pis que tu verras peut pas dans les yeux de tes enfants pis de ton chum, quand ils vont avoir tout sali la cuisine essayer de te faire des cr aux morceaux de coquilles d’uf.

T’es hot, mom. T’es hot pour vrai. T’as port la vie une, deux, six fois! C’est pas rien, Pis m si t’as encore un petit tablier qui te rappelle que ta bedaine a d quelques fois les lois de la gravit t’es belle. Parce que fait partie de toi, ta maternitT’es belle avec ta repousse de p’tits cheveux post partum, pis tes cernes en dessous des yeux. T’es belle, m avec ton derri qui a pas le temps de faire disparaitre les traces de ses accouchements. Parce que dans le fond, on veut pas vraiment que disparaisse, hein?

T’es forte, mom. T’es forte sans bon sens. Tu pourrais d des montagnes de bureaucratie sans pour le bien de ta famille. Qu’y en aille pas un qui touche un poil de tes louveteau, y va comprendre son malheur!

T’acceptes les p’tits maudits mots dits par tes enfants, qui comprennent pas l’impact de ces paroles candides. Tu es forte parce que tu sais, au fond de toi, que quand ton quatre ans te dit qu’il ne t’aime plus, ce qu’il te demande, au fond, c’est de l’aider avancer.

T’es r mom, des fois fait peur. Tu mets souvent de c ta carri parce que tu l’sais ben, que malgr ce qu’on veut bien en dire, tes absences parentales, au bureau, p sur ton avancement.

T’es r parce que tu te fatigues jamais d’aider tes kids, pis cheap jerseys ton chum, quand ils en ont besoin. Souvent au d de tes propres besoins, toi. T’es r parce que tu passes une partie de ta vie passer par dessus les p’tites piques pis les p’tites douleurs du quotidien.

Ooooh pis t’es importante, mom. Pas juste pour une raison m T’es importante, parce que ta famille a besoin d’une main de fer dans un gant de velours. Pis le reste du monde aussi. On a besoin, collectivement, de tes bisous pis de tes calins. Pis on a besoin, une fois de temps en temps de tes gros yeux!

Tu aimes tellement, mom, que c’en est renversant. T’es l beau temps mauvais temps, peu importe le nombre de kilom qui te s de tes p’tits ou de tes maintenant grands enfants. Peu importe qu’ils soient ingrats ou qu’ils n’aient pas encore compris quel point chaque jour est un d pour une maman. Le plus beau de tous les d

Parce qu’ chaque fois que tu regardes tes enfants, ton univers se met tourner, sous la force du souffle des inqui que tu peux pas t’emp d’avoir, pis c’est l’amour que tu ressens pour eux qui te guide. Tout le reste perd son sens. Pour l’instant en tous cas.

Fait que quand tu vas te lever, dimanche matin, pis que tu vas entrer dans la cuisine en bordel, que tu vas regarder la table d par un bouquet de fleurs cheap achet la presse la caisse du Walmart, pis de bricolages en b de Popsicles, ce que tu vas voir, dans les yeux de ton chum pis tes enfants, ce sont ces mots, que je t’adresse, mon amie.