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Greg Sparrow attempts

Greg Sparrow attempts to break a record by sitting in every seat at SaskTel Centre

It gave the expression “taking a seat” a whole new meaning.

Greg Sparrow shattered the record time for sitting in every seat at SaskTel Centre about 15,000 of them on Monday afternoon, managing to complete the cheap jerseys task in about seven hours and 30 minutes. Roddy Busler set the previous record of 10 hours last year.

Sparrow took up the challenge part of local radio station Rock 102’s Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap contest for a chance to win $10,000. He was entered into a reverse draw after completing the challenge, which was one of several tricky tasks the radio station set for its listeners.

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Greyhound Slashes

Greyhound Slashes Prices On Fares

DALLAS, Jan. 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ the largest provider of intercity bus transportation in North America, today announced the launch of its biggest fare sale to kick off the new year. Now customers can receive up to 50 percent off the standard fare when they purchase a ticket at least seven days in advance. Known for its low fares, Greyhound is allowing customers to travel anywhere within its extensive network of 2,300 United States destinations even more affordably by taking advantage of the advance purchase option.

“We’re excited to launch this sale as we wind down our 100th anniversary celebrations,” said Andy Kaplinsky, chief commercial officer, Greyhound Lines, Inc. “We already offer affordable fares, but this sale gives our customers unprecedented value across our network, making it much easier to travel than ever before and offering even bigger savings on short and long distance trips. This is one more way for us to say thank you to our customers for their loyalty. And, this is great timing for those who made the New Year’s resolution to travel more.”

About GreyhoundGreyhound is the largest North American provider of intercity bus transportation, serving more than 3,800 destinations across the continent. The company also cheap jerseys provides Greyhound Package Express (GPX) and charter services.

Greitens says Obamacare

Greitens says Obamacare hurt Missouri’s budget

Gov. Eric Greitens on Thursday blamed Obamacare for helping create the state’s “broken” budget.

It was at least the third time since taking office on Jan. 9 that Greitens has publicly blamed former President Barack Obama’s health reform law without explaining how it contributed to the state’s fiscal woes. Greitens unveiled his budget proposal Thursday.

On Thursday in Nixa, the new governor quantified the financial burden, asserting the state is “required by Obamacare” to spend an additional $350 million on health care.

After the governor’s address, in an interview with the St. Louis Post Dispatch cheap jerseys and other media outlets, Dan Haug, Missouri’s acting budget director, attributed the higher costs to pharmaceutical spending within the Medicaid program.

An increase in “caseloads” also was blamed by a Greitens spokesman for driving health care spending higher.

In an email to the Post Dispatch on Jan. 18, spokesman Parker Briden wrote: “Obamacare has caused the cost of health care to go up in every state, across the entire country. This year, health care expenditures and caseloads were higher than expected and continue to rise, contributing to our budget problems.”

“Caseloads” is typically a term used for those with Medicaid coverage, the state run health insurance for the poor and disabled.

Even though its Republican led Legislature refused to expand Medicaid, Missouri did see enrollment in the program for mostly low income Missourians and children increase by almost 103,000 from 2010 to 2016, said Tim McBride, a health economist at Washington University and member of the committee that oversees the state’s Medicaid program.

Almost all those new enrollees were children who were eligible to enroll in the state’s coverage even prior to the Affordable Care Act because of the federal Children’s Health Insurance Program, referred to as CHIP.

As a result of publicity for the Affordable Care Act and the push to enroll individuals in health insurance plans, more Missourians likely found out their children were eligible for the CHIP program, which grants coverage to children with a family income of up to 300 percent of the federal poverty level, McBride and other policy experts have said. That’s $48,720 for a family of two and $73,800 for a family of four.

A majority 63 percent of those enrolled in the state’s Medicaid program are children, according to 2016 figures with the Missouri Department of Social Services. But disabled individuals drive 47 percent of the spending.

“Kids are cheap but nonetheless when you add up that many extra people coming in, it adds something to the state budget,” said Abigail Barker, data analyst at the Center for Health Economics and Policy at Washington University.

With the increased scrutiny on Medicaid spending, and calls to repeal the Affordable Care Act among Republicans, policy experts and providers are concerned about potential funding changes to Medicaid, which insures nearly 17 percent of Missouri’s 6 million residents.

Currently, Medicaid is funded by both the state and federal government. The federal government matches a percentage of what the state spends on enrollees.

Typically, the federal government provides a larger portion of funding due to the percentage match. For example, for each $1 Missouri spends on Medicaid costs, the federal government matches it with $1.72, according to the Missouri Budget Project, a nonprofit think tank that advocates for policies that benefit the poor and analyzes budget and tax policy.

Overall, the federal government provides 51 percent of the funding for Missouri’s Medicaid program, 31 percent comes from a tax on health care providers, leaving the state with 17 percent, according to data with the Missouri Budget Project.

But all that would change if there was a switch to a block grant system, a proposal by Republicans.

Block grants would cap federal spending given to states, giving them a lump sum instead of a percentage match. That switch could put pressure on state budgets, their credit ratings and lead to “weaker financial profiles for health care institutions,” according to a Standard and Poor’s report from 2016.

On one hand, a block grant would give states more control over their Medicaid programs instead of having to agree to certain terms as a condition of receiving the federal match.

But receiving just a lump sum, likely based on what the state currently receives, might pressure states to reduce expenditures by reducing coverage for some, according to Standard and Poor’s.

“For states, this could lead to more acute fiscal strain during recessions when falling incomes correspond to increased enrollments,” according to the Standard and Poor’s report.

Greig accusesPort

Greig accusesPort Melbourne of ‘cheap shots’

NORTH Ballarat Roosters coach Marc Greig believes Port Melbourne looked to impose its physical advantage on his charges with “cheap shots” early in Saturday night’s match at Eureka Stadium.

FLY HIGH: Roosters recruit Matt Eagles had a strong debut, playing mainly in the ruck and cheap jerseys up forward during the nine point defeat. Pictures: Dylan Burns.

The Borough won a tight Victorian Football League encounter by nine points, but were chasing early as the Roosters made the most of a strong breeze to jump to a four goal lead at the first change.

Greig said the Port Melbourne players appeared to target his side behind play.

“They tried a certain tactic and it didn’t work for them,” Greig said.

“They tried to be super physical with our young blokes and intimidate us that way.

“Our footy did the talking in the first quarter to then stop them doing it.”

Such was the advantage to the scoreboard end, 23 of the night’s 29 goals were kicked at that end of the ground.

Port Melbourne trailed by 22 points at the final change, but booted seven majors to two in the last quarter to secure the result.

Greig declared it was the best performance of the year by his side, which was led by Luke Kiel off half back and recruit Matt Eagles, who kicked two goals as a key target in attack amidst stints in the ruck.

Eagles and fellow signing Daniel Cox both made their senior debuts for the Roosters on Saturday night.

Greig said the main injury concern was to key defender Angus Cleary, who was knocked unconscious in the first term.

North Ballarat now has the weekend off due to the VFL’s clash with the SANFL next Sunday.

DETAILSPort Melb 1.2 7.3 8.5 15.7 (97)Nth Ballarat 5.2 7.3 12.3 14.4 (88)GOALS Port Melbourne: B. Mihocek 3, J. Scipione 3, H. Sandilands 2, J. Halsall 2, K. Haretuku 2, M. Golby, T. Hobbs, L. Cook. North Ballarat: S. Hooper 2, O. Stephenson 2, N. Rippon 2, M. Eagles 2, O. Tate, T. Schnerring, L. Cassidy, J. Wheelahan, M. Austin, J. Keeble.

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Propiedades químicas del aluminio.

El aluminio puro tiene alta conductividad, es dúctil, maleable y de muy buen aspecto superficial, pero tiene bajas propiedades mecánicas por lo que es apto para aplicaciones donde la resistencia del material no es importante.

Cuando queramos obtener propiedades mecánicas importantes aleamos el aluminio con diferentes elementos químicos que nos permiten adaptar el comportamiento del mismo al uso final.

aluminio 1 aluminio 2

Si, si… inteligentes

374905-Ventanas-inteligentes-vidrios-sin-cortinas-y-persianas-00 smart-window
Las llamadas ventanas inteligentes están avanzando en muchas direcciones, desde nuevos sistemas de eliminación de ruido a convertirse en pantallas táctiles, al más estilo Minority Report. En esta ocasión, la compañía Heliotrope Technologies ha mostrado el desarrollo de sus ventanas con nanocristales, capaces de regular la cantidad de calor que pasa a través de ellas.

Ya existen ventanas inteligentes que cambian de transparente a opaco, pero, en esta ocasión es posible controlar, independientemente, la cantidad de luz visible y luz infrarroja, la cual, es la encargada de producir calor. La tecnología que hay detrás de estas pantallas se ha publicado en la revista científica Nature. En dicha publicación se explica que los cristales constan de dos partes: un cristal compuesto por óxido de niobio y una capa delgada hecha de nanocristales de óxido de indio y estaño.

cortinas de cristal

Los Cerramientos para Terrazas de cristal, añaden un nuevo espacio a tu vivienda o negocio para disfrutar. Protegen la terraza de las inclemencias del tiempo, dándole una nueva vida. Podrás decorar y dedicar ese nuevo espacio de la manera que siempre soñaste: cenas con amigos, rincón de lectura, zona de juegos,cumpleaños… dale rienda suelta a tu imaginación. cortina 1 cortina 2

Pérgolas en Navidad.

Las pérgolas suelen estar creadas de metal y madera, el objetivo es protegernos del sol y del frío creando ambientes muy especiales. Nosotros te daremos algunas ideas mediante las cuales podrás darle un estilo a estos espacios ayudando a que se destaquen. Una de las opciones más tradicionales es colocar guirnaldas de luces.

En el mercado encontraremos muchas opciones de luces para exteriores, recuerda siempre elegir las que sean resistentes al agua. Podrás colocarlas tanto en las columnas como en el techo, siempre en la parte interna. Si encuentras alguna con bombillas más grandes de lo tradicional no dudes en elegir esas, ya que generarán que la guirnalda sea más vistosa, además de necesitar una menor cantidad y no provocará un efecto visual sobrecargado.

Las pérgolas también se pueden decorar con flores y plantas. Tengamos en cuenta que en la antigüedad no existían la misma cantidad de adornos navideños como en la actualidad, en esa época se usaban diferentes plantas y flores, conmemora esa época con tu decoración navideña. Entre las alternativas de plantas te aconsejamos usar ramas de pinos, muérdago. Si quieres podrás mezclarlas entre las luces.

Para obtener una decoración mucho más moderna y fresca podrás colocar banderines o telas que caigan del techo y se sujeten en la columna. Una idea que puedes adoptar para tener una bonita pérgola decorada en la Navidad.pergola1

Mamparas 2

Si te dispones a comprar una mampara de bañera o ducha quizá te sorprenda la variedad de sistemas y precios que hay en el mercado, queremos ayudarte con este pequeño manual sobre las mamparas de baño.

Principalmente hay 3 sistemas o tipos de mamparas:

Mampara corredera.

Correderas: Son mamparas de apertura horizontal con guías superiores e inferiores, dentro de este tipo de mamparas existen modelos de dos, tres y cuatro hojas, su funcionamiento es a través de unas ruedas que se deslizan a través de las guías, es idéntico en los tres modelos así que tu elección dependerá ante todo de la estética y el espacio de acceso.

Normalmente las de tres hojas se mueven las tres siendo muy práticas, las de cuatro hojas suelen ser dos fijas a los extremos y dos correderas centrales y las de dos hojas normalmente son de una corredera hoja fija y otra corredera. Decimos ”suele” porque no es una regla estricta y varía dependiendo del fabricante y/o modelo.

Mampara abatible.

Abatibles: Este tipo de sistema es como se define a las mamparas de puerta, hay poco que decir respecto a este tipo de modelo, aunque si que debes saber que se dividen en dos estilos de mecanismos.

  • Con bisagras, que son unas piezas pequeñas que actúan como soporte sostenedor de la puerta y de eje para la apertura.
  • Con perfil, que se colocan en los extremos de las hojas de arriba a abajo, son más seguras, permiten una mejor regulación para la estanqueidad y por lo tanto son más económicas.


Mampara plegable.

Plegables: Al igual que las mamparas correderas se deslizan por una guía superior y otra inferior, la diferencia de este sistema es que se pliegan como un acordeón normalmente hacia dentro de la bañera o ducha. Este sistema es muy recomendado para espacios pequeños o con poco acceso, pues deja abierto casi la totalidad de ancho.