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Often, staying in a prime establishment is one of the most expensive parts of your holiday. Many times, people limit their holidays simply because accommodations can be so expensive. However, there are also other things to think about in order to get the cheapest holiday possible.

The message itself was closely tailored to Eltahawy concerns. An outspoken commentator on feminism, the Arab world and Egypt, Eltahawy was a constant media presence during the country 2011 uprising. She also has a sizeable following on Twitter, where she regularly shares news about activists caught up in Egypt grinding crackdown on dissent.

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Two fire trucks need replacing or very costly repairs. The city two swimming pools also need costly repairs. Delaying would only further escalate the cost. There is an increasingly popular view within the industry that cheaper oil might even lead to higher airfares. The theory goes that consumers who are saving money on gasoline and heating bills now have extra cash to spend on travel. Moody says that is one reason travel demand will grow at least 5 percent this year..

Do not believe the price to rent the pavilion is unreasonable, based on our city most comparable venues, she wrote. More could be spent depending on the menu and beverage package selected, she added.The Transept, 1205 Elm St.: According to its website, a Saturday wedding costs a minimum of $6,000 plus $75 for each guest (the venue caters its events). At those rates, the total minimum for 200 guests would be $21,000.Pinecroft at Crosley Estate, 2366 Kipling Ave.: Rental on Saturdays is $9,500, according to its website.